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Stephen Kennedy was founded in June 2008 by the current publisher and CEO, Stephen Kennedy. Stephen has been involved in the music business for the last 20 years as a writer, performer, manager and publisher.

When asked in a recent interview - what the most important thing he had learned in his years in the music business? Stephen replied: “Never forget – the song is the star. That’s what Frank Sinatra said 40 years ago - and it’s still true today.

“Performers come and go but great songs will always be there, waiting to be discovered and rediscovered. A great song is like a work of art - it can live forever.”

The company’s name - Songstarr - was taken from the same ‘Sinatra maxim’ to serve as a constant reminder to us of what the music business is about: the words, the music, the melodies.. the Song.

At Songstarr we dedicate ourselves to nurturing new songwriting talent and promoting a catalogue which we believe contains some of the best new material by the most talented up-and-coming new songwriters.

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